We found a home!

We have been searching for a perfect location for Joy Meadows and we finally found a place for Joy Meadows to call home.  We found a tract of land within the Basehor community that has over 50 acres, a large house, a multi-purpose building and office on site.  This means that we could be up and running with one large foster home right away while we start building the others!  The multi-purpose building could immediately be put to use to provide activities for foster children and host community activities.  Now all we need to do is raise the funds to move forward with the purchase! 

In the coming days we will provide new ways to give your financial support to our community: (1) become a monthly donor; (2) become a business/corporate sponsor; (3) a new t-shirt campaign will launch mid-March; and (4) schedule a date to have a Joy Meadows rep to speak to your organization for fundraising.  We can't wait to give you more info about this great opportunity for Joy Meadows!

Recent news has highlighted the 7,200 children in foster care in Kansas, and the limited 2,700 foster homes to care for them.  We have "homeless foster children" in our state.  At a basic level, a primary purpose of Joy Meadows is to provide more beds for children in foster care.  However, at Joy Meadows we don't want children to just survive foster care -- we want to give them a way to hope and healing as they move forward on their journey to reunification with their parents, or adoption.  We believe joy can be found in this journey, and we must provide our very best for these children.