Dinner with the Governor...

Tonight my family had the opportunity to meet with Governor Colyer, the First Lady, and DCF Secretary Gina-Meier Hummel.  They hosted a few foster families from across the State at the Governor's mansion.  Their kindness and genuine concern was evident.  They listened to complaints, suggestions, and also shared information.  As a foster parent, it is encouraging to see the solidarity of those in our government, agencies, and foster parents continue to strengthen around our goal of creating a path forward for these almost 7,300 children in foster care.  Tonight I watched my biological children and my teenage foster children observe our leaders sit with humility, respect, and empathy as they listened to the wide array of people and stories before them. What a great thing for these kids to get to witness!  This evening also reminded me that there are many problems with a "system" that is put in place to care for broken and hurting families and children.  But no matter how much we manipulate and re-work that "system" that will never be the solution to healing.  We each need to help carry the burden of the "system" in our State.  A department, agency, policy, or statute cannot solve every problem. These are our children.  We each have a role to play.  We need our government to strive for excellence in this system of child welfare, but we also need to be willing to creatively work out the solution for excellence by giving whatever we can of ourselves.

Thank you for your continued support of Joy Meadows.  We are daily affirmed that this model of foster care families in community is a solution to meet the needs of these children in foster care.  We are prayerfully and diligently moving forward to raise the funding for the purchase of the land and first Joy Meadows home.

-Sarah Oberndorfer