• Is Joy Meadows a non-profit?  How is it funded?

Joy Meadows is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  As an organization, Joy Meadows is funded through private donations, fundraising events, and will also be applying for grants.  It is the goal of Joy Meadows to operate on a debt-free basis, therefore, land will be purchased by way of the capital campaign when funds are raised.  We are actively seeking donors and/or construction companies to sponsor each of the first five homes for construction.  In the future, additional homes will be built when the cost is raised.

  • Do you have paid staff at Joy Meadows?

No, the foster parents are not “paid parents” living in the homes.  Foster parents may apply to move to Joy Meadows to be part of a supportive community for children in foster are.  These families must demonstrate they are financially stable independent of any assistance and meet the foster licensing requirements of DCF and KVC.  If selected, they do get to live in the large homes in the community for a minimal rent.  

At this time in the infancy of this not-for-profit, all other functions for the operation and management of Joy Meadows are provided on a volunteer basis. 

  • What can I do to help?

(1) You can pray.  We believe that Joy Meadows will be a ministry directed by God to help hurting children and the families who serve them.  (2) We need financial support.  You can give a donation which will go 100% to the purchase of land for Joy Meadows.  (3) Help us by sharing with anyone and everyone who will listen about our great vision.  Or do you have a church or organization who would like to hear more?  Let us know and we would love to come and speak.  Email

  • Is Joy Meadows a Child-Placing Agency?

No.  Joy Meadows is not a group home, shelter, or child-placing agency.  It is simply a non-profit organization that owns the homes within the community that are "rented" by the foster families.  The foster families must independently be licensed for foster care through an agency, such as KVC, and the state by DCF, and children are placed through those agencies.  The function of Joy Meadows is: (1) own and operate the homes as a landlord/tenant relationship; (2) manage the grounds and multi-purpose building; (3) create, retain and coordinate resources, volunteers, and services for foster children and foster families; and (4) provide support and stability for continuity of care for the child and foster family.  

  • Do the children live at Joy Meadows year-round?

Yes.  The children are placed in the homes at Joy Meadows and live with their foster families on a full-time basis.  It is a primary goal of Joy Meadows to help the children be an environment that is just like any “normal” home.  The child lives with their foster home until their case worker, KVC, and DCF determine it is time for them to be reunited with their biological family, moved to a kinship placement, or are determined to be eligible for adoption.

  • How are the foster families at Joy Meadows selected?

Foster families must attend the required training of DCF and KVC, and become a licensed foster home through the State of Kansas.  Parents must have at least 2 years of experience as foster parents.  Foster parents may apply to Joy Meadows by submitting the appropriate forms and going through the application process. The Board of Directors has the final discretion to select the foster families from the applicant pool.

  • Can I help the foster kids and/or families by volunteering?

Yes.  There are many ways to volunteer at Joy Meadows from providing specialized lessons such as music or art lessons, to helping organize the clothing closet, to helping with our fundraising events.  Many of these opportunities will arise once the neighborhood is constructed and further information, as well as volunteer applications will be put online at that time.  In the immediate future -- we need help getting the word out about Joy Meadows, and fundraising!