How we get there

Our Future Plans

Joy Meadows was formed as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Kansas on August 30, 2017.  IRS 501(c)(3) status was approved in June, 2018.  The first goal of the organization is to locate land in Leavenworth County, specifically the Basehor-Linwood community, where a foster care community can be built.  This area was chosen due to its excellent school district, support services available, and its central proximity to the four closest KVC offices in Leavenworth, Olathe, Kansas City, and Lawrence, each being within 20-25 minutes of Basehor, maximizing the ability to use resources to help the largest number of children in care and maintain a close distance to the child’s county of origin. 

  • Phase 1 – Locate and purchase a minimum of 15 acres within the first year of operation. This will be accomplished through the capital campaign and/or donation in kind.

  • Phase 2 – Build the initial three-five homes of the community and the Resource Center.

  • Phase 3 – Build additional homes, barn/community center, and playground.

  • Phase 4 - It is a priority of Joy Meadows to operate debt-free. As funds and donations arise, we will continue to add/build as many additional homes as possible. We would love to see a neighborhood of 10-15 homes. We would also love to see a dedicated space for youth aging out of the system to transition to semi-independent living on the property.

UPDATE on Phase 1 Land Purchase:

  • We submitted a cash offer on our “First Choice” property in January 2019. An agreement for purchase was not reached, and in March, 2019 we began looking at tracts of property in our target area, working with the County Planning and Zoning, and our Board to determine if each tract would meet our goals for development. We continue to work through that task and look forward to securing a property soon with the funds raised.

  • "Second Choice" - we have looked at tracts of land at least 20 acres in size in both Linwood and in Basehor which are empty farmland. This investment would be about $250,000.

  • Donated Land - We would build Joy Meadows anywhere within our target area if we receive a donation of land, so that all resources would go immediately toward building homes. Calling all families and farmers! We can take about 20 acres off of your hands for a good cause!

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 5.47.22 PM.png

Schematic master plan

This Master Plan for Joy Meadows provides an idea of our vision for the Joy Meadows neighborhood.  While the exact plan may change based upon the land we purchase, we want to have multiple homes, a multi-purpose building, playground, community garden, and other outdoor areas for the children and families to enjoy.  The above Master Plan shows what we will do with property.

Floor Plans

Our goal is to have unique homes that are each different, but with the common characteristics of being a welcoming place for a large family to live together. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 9.55.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 9.55.21 PM.png
The Basehor community  We will purchase land located within the Basehor-Linwood School district as a location to build Joy Meadows.

The Basehor community

We will purchase land located within the Basehor-Linwood School district as a location to build Joy Meadows.