Our Mission

It is the mission of Joy Meadows to provide foster families with community support, housing, and resources, so that children in foster care can find stability, healing and joy.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Joy Meadows to provide stable, consistent, single-family homes for as many children in foster care .   Joy Meadows will consist of a community of large homes so that foster families who are good at what they do will have the opportunity to live in a home where space allows for additional children, particularly large sibling groups when feasible.  The neighborhood will be a place where foster children can be placed initially when they come into care, rather than multiple moves.  This means they receive the help and continuity of care they need to heal -- it's a place where they can look like other kids and see they aren't alone. 

We envision a community of foster parents who have support by providing them centralized access to resources, shared goals, assistance, respite care, and easing their financial burden. We will provide services such as therapy, academic tutoring, behavioral support, private lessons, and extra-curricular activities. We want to support foster families so they do not have to experience burnout in helping these children, and can invest all of their time and energy into caring for the children.  We want to help the foster child and foster family find joy, even as they walk through the difficult steps to healing and home.


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